IMAGINE John Lennon, Liverpool!

Landed at John Lennon Airport in Liverpool. As a lifelong Beatles fan, I can still hear Lennon singing to the world, “All you need is love, love. Love is all you need” So, true!

It is the love for our fellow beings and “Service above Self” that makes this world a better place for all. But friends, I am falling behind in achieving my goal. With 20% of my journey completed, I have not reached 20% of my goal to raise $750,000.

As Lennon would probably sing “Help me if you can I am falling behind. And I do appreciate you being around. Help me get my mission back turned around. Won’t you please, please help me“.  I am counting on you friends to not fail me now. Please continue to donate,

I have crossed the deepest oceans, I am now ready to cross the highest mountains. Next stop across the Alps, Bologna, Italy!

Lava Fields, Hot Springs and Geysers, Iceland!

Did not get any angry tweets from the POTUS, I guess he does not read my blogs!

Walked around Reykjavik yesterday. What can I say, it is simply a gorgeous place to visit. Took the Golden Circle bus tour today. Lava fields, hot springs, geysers, active volcanoes, shrinking glaciers and North America-Eurasia tectonic plates tearing apart, it is all there to see. Iceland is a Geological wonder of Nature!

People of Iceland are proud people, they built a museum wholly dedicated to their penis (The Icelandic Phallological Museum). I am not kidding! It is the only museum of its kind in the world. All you macho men out there, come see, you will be humbled!

Well, back to reality, I now have to focus on my longest over water flight ever tomorrow, Reykjavik to Liverpool (900 NM)!

The Greenland Ice Sheet!

On my way from Nuuk to Reykjavik, I flew over miles deep ice sheet of Greenland, one of the greatest natural wonders on Earth. Seeing it melting in places, I could not help but think, that Mr. Trump, our president better start listening to the scientists and help them keep it frozen as it is meant to be, or he soon will be watching his beloved Mar-a-Lago float away into the sea!!!!

I hope POTUS reads my blog!

The good turns ugly!

Weather in Nuuk can be very unpredictable. The forecast for yesterday’s weather was not good and I postponed my plans to fly to Iceland until today, only to sit near my hotel room window and watch bright sunshine all day. 

I had to keep reminding myself of the pilots number one mantra ” it is better to be on the ground and wishing you were up there then to be up there and wishing you were on the ground”

 Now today, the forecast was for good weather but I have been sitting in the control tower for three hours (the air traffic controller was nice to have invited me up in the tower) waiting for the snow (and then rain) to stop and morning fog to lift up.  All the while, the Air Greenland planes kept taking off in almost zero ceiling and less than 400 meters visibility. Air Greenland really does have brave pilots !!! But when it comes to flying I am a coward.

No chance of weather changing today. So, cancelled the flight plan and heading back to hotel. Hope to fly to Iceland tomorrow. 

In the lands of midnight sun, Nuuk !

This was my first flight over north Atlantic. So, I put on my cold water survival suite and got ready for take off from Iqaluit. Taxied to fuel station to get gas, after paying $615 yesterday, getting the barrel for $315 today was a treat, and this even included pumping that into my plane. Got my clearance and departed Iqaluit as planned.

Flying while wearing the survival suite is too cumbersome but somehow I managed it. The ocean down below was packed with millions of icebergs so no place to land. I am questioning, if it is even worth wearing the suite at all.

After flying through broken clouds and light icing, arrived in Nuuk with picture perfect weather. Wind calm, blue skies, Nuuk looked like paradise, an amazingly beautiful place in the lands of midnight sun, almost surreal.

Rain is in forecast tomorrow. with weather improving again on Saturday. So, I will probably call it off for tomorrow and enjoy another day in the lands of midnight sun!

Barrel of Avgas at Kuujjuak, $615 !

Left Bagotville yesterday morning to fly to Iqaluit, a distance of 905 NM, just about the maximum range of my plane in 20 NM headwinds.So, while nearing Kuujjuak, the last airport with Avgas before heading on to 250 NM of North Atlantic waters filled with thousands of icebergs, I decided to make a fuel stop at Kuujjuak. Little did I know Avgas is sold in barrels there. I was handed over the barrel at the storage shed and told to go for it. No tools, no pump. My seeming helpless, the fuel man helped roll the barrel to the plane and jury rigged tools to open the barrel. I carry a very small 12 V pump for emergency use but no battery to run it with for long. Fortunately, the fuel man was able to bring his pickup truck to the airplane. I used his cigarette lighter port to connect the pump and transfer gas from barrel to the plane. It took over an hour. The cost of barrel of gas $615, that I normally pay $200 for. It was a real ordeal and pricey to take this gas and I probably would have made it to Iqaluit without it. But I am glad I did it, I rather err on the side of safety than otherwise.

In Iqaluit now. Next stop Nuuk, Greenland !

Pumping gas barrel

The journey begins !

After a week of send off and Bon-Voyage parties, I finally took off from Buffalo Niagara International Airport this morning, to begin my highly anticipated trip around the world. The weather could not be better and I completed my first leg (Buffalo, NY – Bagotville, Canada) of the journey with relative ease.

With all the commotions of getting the trip underway over, it is only me and my plane now. I plan to take it easy this evening, so I can clear my mind and focus on flying. Next stop Iqaluit !