Dream fulfilled, back home, Buffalo, NY!

It has been a dream of mine for years to do this Round the World trip. I am finding it hard to believe that I have done it and come back home safely. I have lots of people to thank for helping me fulfill my dream. First and foremost is the unflinching support of my family, my wife Pratibha, my sons Rohan and Nitin, my brothers, sister and their families. My logistics team Eddie Gold and Ahmed Hassan of GASE, my friends in Buffalo, the new ones I made along the way and most of all God Almighty who watched over me through this entire journey. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you all for helping make my dream come true. I love you all very much.

No more flying for me for a while, got to catch up on drumming, golfing and drinking!

7 thoughts on “Dream fulfilled, back home, Buffalo, NY!”

  1. Ravi- Congratulations & Welcome back home after successful mission of creating awareness about cancer around the world. A big sigh of relief as well for your safe return back home to Buffalo.
    You have done it….!!!


  2. Ravi: Congratulations to you for dreaming big dreams and developing the skill and demonstrating the courage to make them come true. It was amazing fun following your flight. Welcome home. Ron Stakem


  3. Dear Ravi,
    How well you fulfilled your life team dream is simply amazing .Well wishers apart ,it is Almighty who held your hand all the times .
    Pray & rather sure that He is more kind to valiant warriors.
    Can’t tell you how exactly we feel about you for your achievements.
    May you continue to be with us , more amongst us .
    Ravi , as I told you when we met last that there is going to be a Alumni mega show”Dosti ke 50 saal” on 11/12 Nov 2017.at Alld
    Can u attempt making it please
    Ashwani Malhotra, Ambala


    1. Hi Ashwani: It is tempting to join you all at the Alumni mega show in Allahabad and I would love to catch up with our batch mates. I was hoping to combine it with another potential fund raising event in Rohtak for the hospital in Ambala. However, that is not happening and I am not coming. Please say hello to all the batch mates for me. Hopefully, there will be other opportunity for us all to meet in near future. Take care and let us stay in touch.


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