U-Tapao and Pattaya, Thailand!

I had not flown at night for quite a long time so it was a bit different experience. I could see frequent lightning strikes in the distant Northern sky. Even though, I knew there were strong thunderstorms north of my flight path even before departing Kolkata, it was a bit scary to actually see that in the night sky. These thunderstorms were quite far away but seemed so close!

After a long nighttime flight from Kolkata India arrived at U-Tapao airport at half past twelve in the night.  As an International airport, U-Tapao has long wide runway, but it is very dimly lit. So, I ended up making a bit harder than normal landing. But with all the commotions of Kolkata behind me, I am very glad to be here.

Even though it was past midnight and the airport was closed for the night, two Rotarians from Rotary Club of Bangkok Klongtoey, Mr. Peter Chiaravanont (a cancer survivor) and Mr. Suwatchai Phongbunjert welcomed me at the airport. These two Rotarians had driven from Bangkok (a two hour drive) especially to welcome me to Thailand. It was late for them to drive back to Bangkok, so they stayed for the night at my hotel. In the morning, they ceremonially presented the flag of their club to me along with a $2100 check on behalf of Thailand RI Districts 3330-3340-3350-3360, in support of my mission. I can’t thank them enough for their extremely generous support. Truly service above self!

Peter and Suwatchai showed me around Pattaya, a beautiful and vibrant resort very popular amongst International tourists.  Thanks Peter and Suwatchai for your generosity and hospitality. It will stay in my heart forever.

Next stop Kuala Lumpur!

3 thoughts on “U-Tapao and Pattaya, Thailand!”

  1. In case my memory serves me right, isn’t this the region where sunami wrecked the havoc in 2004.
    Pictures posted by you show that with the commitment, dedication and support of people, such calamity can be overcome and convey the purpose of your venture for this trip. (Get together for the cause, anything can be achieved )


  2. Happy to learn that your Thailand visit was good and purposeful but sad to know about your bad experience at Kolkata. Anyhow that way you were able to learn how some time Indian authorities and official work! Wishing you all the best for your future journey!


  3. You seem to be collecting life-time of experiences on this trip. So, far Avgas barrel, rip-off, delays, storm-viewing, heavy-landing. Someday, it would be great to capture all these in some written format/book. Future round-the-world flight-explorers would also gain tremendously from this…


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