The long and winding road to Amman!

The strict Air Traffic Control at Crete gave me 25 minutes slot to depart. If I did not leave with in that slot, I will have to file a delayed flight plan and wait for a slot to open up.

I got to the airport in plenty of time, at least so I thought, but Crete airport is a fairly large international airport teeming with tourists and is pretty busy. By the time I cleared customs, fueled up the plane, paid my bills and got ready to go, I had less than 10 min left in my slotted time. Again, somehow I manged to take off in the allotted time. But It is only after take off I got the real surprise when ATC radioed me an amended routing to Amman. It was even more crooked than what I had earlier. This long and winding route had me flying around Israel  and crossing way points that were really not on the way to Amman. The total distance turned out to be over 1050 NM. The straight distance from Crete to Amman is only 577 NM!

I had really no choice but to carry on. Unlike yesterday, when I had dream tail winds that I did not want, today I really needed tailwinds, but had headwinds or no winds all the way. it took over six hours to reach Amman. Moreover, all of my flight was either over the water or the desert, there was nothing really to look at. As I crossed the Mediterranean and entered Egypt, it felt like I was about to enter a sand storm. Fortunately, I was pretty high and had no problems. Tired but happy to be in Amman.

Next stop Bahrain


2 thoughts on “The long and winding road to Amman!”

  1. We’ve been following your impressive journey and can’t help but read your posts with awe and admiration. Wanted to say congratulations and best wishes as you continue your travels. We’ll be keeping up with your blog in the meantime.

    Anju & Gopal

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  2. Obstacles will keep on coming but your strong determination,endurance and resolve to move on is the real key to final success. Looking forward to have you amidst us soon.

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