The only place on earth equidistant from Europe, Africa and Asia, Crete!

Had my plane serviced in Bologna, so while flying to Crete, the first order of business was to map out the performance of the plane and all relevant temperatures at various power levels to make sure all was OK. It was a relief to find that all is OK and I can continue as planned.

I had pilot’s dream tail winds today and plane was going real fast.  However, for landing in Crete I had been allotted a 30 min slot.  If I got there early, I would be put on a hold somewhere near the airport, if late there could be a fine. So to make it on time, I had to deliberately try to slow my plane down. Goes to show, sometime a good thing is not a good thing. I did all I could, even flew the plane at 40 % power, the lowest I have ever flown it in cruise mode, still the speed was too fast. Somehow, I managed to get appropriate speed and landed at Crete exactly at 13:30 UTC my ETA as filed. Felt real proud of my time management accomplishment.

Flew past Greek Islands, including Santorini, my most favorite one. But due to haze, could not take decent pictures. Sorry!

Tomorrow I fly to Amman, Jordan.  The direct route to Amman is only 580 NM, but the flight route provided by Air Traffic Control, does not to go over Israel but around it instead. So, I must fly 900 NM. Go figure !


One thought on “The only place on earth equidistant from Europe, Africa and Asia, Crete!”

  1. Great to know that the journey so far has been smooth and pray that it continues in the same manner. Looking forward to welcoming you in Ahmedabad.


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