The Incredible Bologna Rotarians!

After a great stay with my friends Qutub/Mubeen (they were wonderful hosts indeed) in Liverpool, I flew over France, Switzerland and the breathtaking peaks/valleys of Alps to Bologna, Italy. Giuseppe Berardo, my fellow International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians (IFFR) member, received me at the airport and drove me to the dinner meeting of Bologna Rotarians.  My welcome by Bologna Rotarians was simply incredible and elegant. Bologna TV then came out to the airport for an interview this morning. I will just let the picture and news video tell the story.

Bologna is also one of my planned service/maintenance stops for the trip. After getting the oil changed and a problematic temperature probe fixed, I test flew the airplane. All seems fine and ready to go for tomorrow.

Next stop Crete, Greece.


6 thoughts on “The Incredible Bologna Rotarians!”

  1. Three cheers to hosts in Bologna for extendig the hero pilot Dr. Ravi Bansal a fantastic and great welcome. The pictures are grand , majestic and realistic depicting the crucial activity of getting the plane fixed. To see all this happening is really soothing and comfortable.


  2. Cheers to the hosts in Bologna. As always love the pictures you post. The view while flying must be so beautiful and mesmerizing. I didn’t understand one word in the interview but looked good :). It was nice watching it.


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