Lava Fields, Hot Springs and Geysers, Iceland!

Did not get any angry tweets from the POTUS, I guess he does not read my blogs!

Walked around Reykjavik yesterday. What can I say, it is simply a gorgeous place to visit. Took the Golden Circle bus tour today. Lava fields, hot springs, geysers, active volcanoes, shrinking glaciers and North America-Eurasia tectonic plates tearing apart, it is all there to see. Iceland is a Geological wonder of Nature!

People of Iceland are proud people, they built a museum wholly dedicated to their penis (The Icelandic Phallological Museum). I am not kidding! It is the only museum of its kind in the world. All you macho men out there, come see, you will be humbled!

Well, back to reality, I now have to focus on my longest over water flight ever tomorrow, Reykjavik to Liverpool (900 NM)!


14 thoughts on “Lava Fields, Hot Springs and Geysers, Iceland!”

  1. The beauty of Iceland described by you definitely attracts to know in detail. Can the Penis Museum described by you be equated with the Shivalingams. The similar meanings of the two words indicate towards that. However keep enjoying the untrodden grounds. Subhash Bansal


  2. I visited the penis museum. The whales have me impressed. If you have time, you should take the free city tour organized by volunteers. Starts in front of the parliament, it was a funny, witty and informative tour. You have to sign up for it online as it gets overbooked.


  3. Mamaji, amazing pictures from Iceland. We are taking this journey through you to all these is very enjoyable to read ur blogs. Good luck for tomorrow.will be tracking you.


  4. The church (Hallgrimskirkja) in your photos – was apparently designed to look like the mountains and glaciers of Iceland… although, I first thought it looked like a phallic symbol. (influenced by the paragraph about a certain museum I guess) 🙂

    (It will be a little while before I stop seeing phallic symbols in harmless structures)


  5. so you got the highest experience of nature, which we only read or imagin, even looking at the pictures you can feel the splendor of nature. must be purifying the mind and soul. wish you all the best for your next flight.


  6. I believe you have reached Liverpool.It seems to be the longest flight till now. It fills us with lot of courage and immense faith in your determination and perseverance. We are looking forward to receive you in your home town Ambala Cantt. Lot of enthusiasm and curiosity is building up there to receive the pride of the soil.


  7. How do you ‘pass’ time on such long hops (~5 hrs)?
    Are you constantly paying attention to the controls (and traffic??).
    Are you able to put the plane in autopilot mode and enjoy the scenery?
    Listen to music or other audio books etc? If so, which ones?
    Are you recording your experiences and feelings (and maybe even singing) while in flight – audio or video ?
    Munch on snacks?
    Any possibility of boredom or sleepiness?
    .. finally , what about bathroom breaks?


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