Rotary International Annual Convention 2017, Atlanta

Flew into Atlanta yesterday with my elder brother Subhash to attend and promote my RTW Flight at Rotary International Convention ( June 10th-June 14th ) in Atlanta. WOW, there are 50,000 Rotarian attendees from every corner of the world. Bill Gates and Jack Nicklaus (the greatest Golfer of all Times) are the keynote speakers !!

Rotary Cancer Hospital Ambala has a booth here. The highlight of the day today was that Rajshree Birla, wife of the Birla family scion Aditya Birla visited our booth and spent half an hour listening to our Ambala project. Birla family is one of the biggest and most generous philanthropists of not only India but of the world. I hope they support our project !!!


6 thoughts on “Rotary International Annual Convention 2017, Atlanta”

  1. Ravi – proud of you! Not only Birla’s will support but many others will contribute to the great cause to raise $750K.
    All the best!.. Be safe & have fun!

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  2. Hello Ravi,
    I visited Aditya Birla ,Birla Carbon ,Sr VP President ( Technology) Mr Himanshu Vyas two years ago in Maharashtra ,India, at their high tech facility . As a result Larry visited HQ in Atlanta to follow up . Birla were developing an Oxygen system to crack carbon.
    The last I heard was that they were going to use LOX to do the testing.
    Very interesting, any way hope it goes well in Atlanta mate.


    1. Phil, as you know we did a lot of trade shows big and small for so many years, but I have never attended anything like this. 50,000 people from every corner of the world in their native or Rotary clothes. It is like a fun carnival. All for service above self for humanity !! I am so humbled and feel like the littlest ant ! Rajshree Birla was the featured speaker today. Really great speaker, gave a million dollar check to Rotary and promised the same every year onward ! Tomorrow, it will be Bill Gates and Jack Nicklaus ( he had polio as a kid !) Everything is extremely professional and grand here. Almost like olympics opening ceremony with parade of the flags of all nations attending. I am just amazed. Next year it s in Toronto, may be I will go up there for a day just to enjoy ! anyway, thanks for your support mate. It means a lot !


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