Another step forward

Before embarking on my epic journey, I wanted to get my plane thoroughly checked out and annual maintenance done. Goodrich Aviation, my plane’s service center is located at Binghamton, NY airport.  Doug Goodrich has taken care of my plane since the day I bought it 11 years ago. He is the best Aircraft mechanic I know and I have absolute trust in his work. Over the past four weeks, he not only performed all the annual required maintenance but also thoroughly checked out all of the mechanical systems of the plane. Fixed anything and everything (no matter how small) that needed fixing,  After getting a clean bill of health from Doug, the plane is now ready to begin its journey.

However, me being a chicken of a pilot and just because I had lots of work done on my plane, I want to test it out more by flying it within USA first.  So, I plan to fly it to Atlanta next week (to attend Rotary International convention) then to Alabama (to take my water ditching and survival training, required by my insurance company ) then to Florida to relax and play some Golf and back to Buffalo ( approximately 15 hours of flying time). That will be more than enough flying time to give me confidence that the plane is ready for starting my Round the world flight !

I picked the plane up from Binghamton today and flew it back to Buffalo with my older brother Subhash Bansal (he flew in from India last night to help me prepare and send me off on my Journey on 4th of July). Here are two pictures first one of Doug Goodrich and the other of myself and my brother with the plane !!



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